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quinta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2013

[Download] Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Saivon Lapsi (2013)

Data: 22 Fevereiro 2013
Banda: Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
Album: Saivon Lapsi
Gênero: Melodic Death Metal
País: Finlândia

1. Saivo
2. Dark Alliance
3. Legion of Beast
4. Kuura
5. Dance of December
6. The Day
7. Sound of Silence
8. Beneath the Frozen Leaves
9. Swan Saivo
10. Blood Stained Sea
11. Angelheart
12. Ravenheart (Act III: Saivon Lapsi)


quarta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2013

[Download] Suffocation - Pinnacle Of Bedlam (2013)

Data: 15 Fevereiro 2013
Banda: Suffocation
Album: Pinnacle Of Bedlam
Gênero: Brutal Death Metal
País: U.S.A

1. Cycles of Suffering
2. Purgatorial Punishment
3. Eminent Wrath
4. As Grace Descends
5. Sullen Days
6. Pinnacle of Bedlam
7. My Demise
8. Inversion
9. Rapture of Revocation
10. Beginning of Sorrow


[Download] Hatebreed - The Divinity Of Purpose (2013)

Data: 25 Janeiro 2013
Banda: Hatebreed
Album: The Divinity Of Purpose
Gênero: Hardcore / Death / Thrash
País: U.S.A

1. Put It to the Torch
2. Honor Never Dies
3. Own Your World
4. The Language
5. Before the Fight Ends You
6. Indivisible
7. Dead Man Breathing
8. The Divinity of Purpose
9. Nothing Scars Me
10. Bitter Truth
11. Boundless (Time to Murder It)
12. Idolized and Vilified


[Download] Devourment - Conceived In Sewage (2013)

Data: 25 Fevereiro 2013
Banda: Devourment
Album: Conceived In Sewage
Gênero: Brutal Death Metal
País: U.S.A

1. Legalize Homicide
2. Fifty Ton War Machine
3. Conceived in Sewage
4. Fucked with Rats
5. March to Megiddo
6. Today We Die, Tomorrow We Kill
7. Heaving Acid
8. Carved into Ecstasy
9. Parasitic Eruption


[Download] Dissection - Discografia

Dissection foi uma banda de Black Metal da Suécia formada em 1989 pelo guitarrista e vocalista Jon Nödtveidt. A princípio a proposta da banda era um Death Metal com influências do Black Metal melódico, mas com o tempo se tornaram apenas Death Metal melódico, mantendo a temática da banda, que girava em torno de ocultismo, satanismo, trevas e morte. Dia 13 de agosto de 2006 o fundador da banda, Jon Nödtveid, se suicidou, enterrando consigo a banda.

Into Infinite Obscurity (EP - 1991)
1. Shadows Over A Lost Kingdom
2. Sons Of The Mourning
3. Into Infinite Obscurity

The Somberlain (1993)
1. Black Horizons
2. The Somberlain
3. Crimson Towers
4. A Land Forlorn
5. Heaven's Damnation
6. Frozen
7. Into Infinite Obscurity
8. In the Cold Winds of Nowhere
9. The Grief Prophecy / Shadows Over a Lost Kingdom
10. Mistress of the Bleeding Sorrow
11. Feathers Fell

Storm of the Light's Bane (1995)
1. At the Fathomless Depths
2. Night's Blood
3. Unhallowed
4. Where Dead Angels Lie
5. Retribution/Storm of the Light's Bane
6. Thorns of Crimson Death
7. Soulreaper
8. No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep

Where Dead Angels Lie (EP - 1996)
1. Where Dead Angels Lie (Demo)
2. Elisabeth Bathory (Tormentor Cover)
3. Anti Christ (Slayer Cover)
4. Feathers Fell
5. Son of the Mourning
6. Where Dead Angels Lie (Album Version)

The Past Is Alive (The Early Mischief) (Compilation - 1997)
1. Shadows Over a Lost Kingdom
2. Frozen
3. Feathers Fell
4. Son of the Mourning
5. Mistress of the Bleeding Sorrow
6. In the Cold Winds of Nowhere
7. Into Infinite Obscurity
8. The Call of the Mist
9. Severed into Shreds
10. Satanized
11. Born in Fire

Live Legacy (Live - 2003)
1. At the Fathomless Depths
2. Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane
3. Unhallowed
4. Where Dead Angels Lie
5. Frozen
6. Thorns of Crimson Death
7. The Somberlain

Reinkaos (2006)
1. Nexion 218
2. Beyond the Horizon
3. Starless Aeon
4. Black Dragon
5. Dark Mother Divine
6. Xeper-I-Set
7. Chaosophia
8. God of Forbidden Light
9. Reinkaos
10. Internal Fire
11. Maha Kali

[Download] Judas Iscariot - Discografia

Judas Iscariot foi uma banda norte americana formada em 1992. Suas influências notórias são as bandas da Noruega como Burzum e Darkthrone. Suas letras são diretamente influenciadas pelo niilismo.
Akhenaten ainda tocou na banda de black/death metal Sarcophagus e na de black metal Weltmacht. Akhenaten hoje em dia vive na Alemanha.
A banda acabou em 25 de Agosto de 2002, concidência ou não, o mesmo dia em que F.W.Nietzche morreu, sendo este uma das grandes influências da banda.

The Cold Earth Slept Below... (1995)
1. Damned Below Judas
2. Wrath
3. Babylon
4. The Cold Earth Slept Below
5. Midnight Frost
6. Ye Blessed Creatures
7. Reign
8. Fidelity
9. Nietzsche

Thy Dying Light (1996)
1. …But Eternals Beheld His Vast Forest
2. …His Eternal Life, Like a Dream, Was Obliterated
3. …Helpless It Lay, Like a Worm in His Frozen Tracks
4. …Behold, Our Race of Unstoppable Genius
5. …From His Woven Darkness Above
6. … Wrathing Upon the Wind of Mystic Philosophy
7. …They Saw His Pale Visage Emerge from the Darkness
8. …Thy Dying Light and Desolate Darkness
9. …Arise, My Lord of Infernal Wisdom

Of Great Eternity (1997)
1. ...The Heavens Drop with Human Gore...
2. ...I Filled with Woes the Passing Wind...
3. ...Then Mourns the Wanderer...
4. ...For the Last Judgement Draweth Nigh...
5. ...Calls to Heaven for Human Blood...
6. ...Our Sons Shall Rule the Empire of the Sea...

Distant in Solitary Night (1998)
1. The Wind Stands Silent
2. Where the Winter Beats Incessant
3. The Black Clouds Roll Under the Parapet of the Sky
4. The Clear Moon, and the Glory of the Darkness
5. To the Black Tower of Victory
6. In the Bliss of the Eternal Valleys of Hate
7. Portions of Eternity Too Great for the Eye of Man

Heaven in Flames (1999)
1. An Eternal Kingdom of Fire
2. Gaze Upon Heaven in Flames
3. Eternal Bliss... Eternal Death
4. Before a Circle of Darkness
5. From Hateful Visions
6. Spill the Blood of the Lamb
7. An Ancient Starry Sky

To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding (2002)
1. I Awoke to a Night of Pain and Carnage
2. Bathed in Clouds of Blood
3. Terror from the Eastern Sky
4. Where Eagles Cry and Vultures Laugh
5. In the Valley of Death, I Am Their King
6. With Lust and Murder for Our Drink
7. Behold the Lamb of God Descending
8. Spectral Dance of the Macabre
9. The Dead Burst Forth from Their Tombs

terça-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2013

[Download] Guttural Secrete - Nourishing The Spoil (2013)

Data: 19 Fevereiro 2013
Banda: Guttural Secrete
Album: Nourishing The Spoil
Gênero: Brutal Death Metal
País: U.S.A

1. Inhaling Corpulency
2. Stainless Conception
3. Serrated Impurities
4. Nourishing the Spoil
5. Deadened Prior to Coitus
6. Coprophilic Asphyxia
7. Truncation in Detail
8. Voyeuristic Engagement
9. Clotting the Vacant Stare


[Download] Destruction - Spirtual Genocide (2012)

Data: 23 Novembro 2012
Banda: Destruction
Album: Spiritual Genocide
Gênero: Thrash Metal
País: Alemãnha

1. Exordium
2. Cyanide
3. Spiritual Genocide
4. Renegades
5. City of Doom
6. No Signs of Repentance
7. To Dust You Will Decay
8. Legacy of the Past
9. Carnivore
10. Riot Squad
11. Under Violent Sledge


[Download] Voivod - Target Earth (2013)

Data: 21 Janeiro 2013
Banda: Voivod
Album: Target Earth
Gênero: Thrash Metal
País: Canada

1. Target Earth
2. Kluskap O'Kom
3. Empathy for the Enemy
4. Mechanical Mind
5. Warchaic
6. Resistance
7. Kaleidos
8. Corps Étranger
9. Artefact
10. Defiance


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